The Four Times New Construction Window Installers in Shoals AL are Better Than a Replacement

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2020


There are those professionals who specialize in replacing windows and those that specialize in new construction. There are also those who are great at both. But, homeowners have a decision to make. Do they go for new construction windows in Shoals AL or do they opt for replacement windows. The type of window could vary depending almost solely on stylistic preference. But, the decision to go old or new has other involved factors. Below are four times where new construction windows win out.

1. The frame is rotted, worn, or just unappealing

The frame is the piece that holds the window in place, and it receives its own kind of wear and tear. A replacement window will not replace the frame. If the frame is in an unsatisfying condition, a homeowner may as well opt for the full new construction on the window.

2. The windows will be a different size

If there is any strong desire to get a window size that is different, a new construction is necessary. A replacement would just use the same size pane without replacing the frame. A new construction offers an opportunity to reframe the trim and frame entirely, and that can make room for a different sized window.

3. The windows are difficult to operate

There are few things more cumbersome with windows than one that is hard to operate. A replacement pane will have nothing to do with how the window operates, and a full new construction should be sought from the window installers in Shoals AL.

4. The use of the room has changed

Is the room no longer an attic? Is it a nursery? How about a playroom? All of these considerations will steer homeowners to a brand new construction because it likely requires a different type of window. The sizing should change to accommodate the changes in the room.

This also applies if the window opens in an undesirable direction. For example, the window could have a hinge that opens in. But, that was useful when the room was for storage. Now, it is a space for a child’s bedroom, and an inward swinging window is not acceptable.

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