The Genius of Using One of the Payroll Services in Tulsa

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


There’s already plenty of things to do when operating a business. Why not identify functions that can be outsourced to a partner and make things a little easier. One important function that can be placed in the hands of a trusted partner is the payroll. Here are a few of the reasons why using one of the Payroll Services in Tulsa is a wise move.

Making Time for Other Things

Taking care of the company financial records takes time and attention to detail. The accounting team is already busy managing the Payable and Receivables. Choosing to contract with one of the Payroll Services in Tulsa to take care of the salaried and hourly payroll gives them more time to focus on making sure invoices go out on time, customer payments are posted and deposited promptly, and remittances to vendors are completed before the due dates.

Keeping a Lean Staff

Since every penny counts, it pays to operate the business with no more than the number of employees needed to cover all necessary functions. Outsourcing the payroll reduces the number of functions that must be performed in house. That in turn makes it possible to run the business with fewer employees. In terms of saving money, that will mean less wages and benefits that must be covered every pay period.

Managing the Withholding and Reporting

Part of managing a payroll is withholding taxes for each employee, calculating the taxes owed by the company, and making sure the funds and the proper reports are forwarded to the tax agencies on time. The team at the payroll service will be up to date on any changes to the forms or any updates to tax laws that must be taken into account. That level of expertise can ensure that the business owner does not get in trouble with a tax agency and end up paying some hefty fines.

For any company owner who would like to explore the idea of using a payroll service, talk with Muret CPA PLLC. After hearing about all the support that the team can offer, it will be easy to see how this approach would benefit the business.

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