The Importance of a Properly-Functioning Vehicle Exhaust System

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Vehicle owners without much driving experience tend to think of the Exhaust System as mainly consisting of a muffler and tailpipe. In reality, the system starts at the motor, channeling harmful fumes through pipes and chambers to disperse them away from the vehicle’s body. Otherwise, those fumes would infiltrate the interior of the car or pickup truck, which can cause unpleasant symptoms and illness if they accumulate. That is most likely when a vehicle is idling and not moving, but malfunctioning exhaust components do not create a healthy situation even when traveling on the highway.

In addition to a muffler and tailpipe, a vehicle Exhaust System also consists of several other parts. These include a catalytic converter, an exhaust manifold, and an oxygen sensor. A long intermediate exhaust pipe runs underneath the vehicle and connects with the muffler. Depending on the vehicle, other pipes may be included as well. A muffler and tailpipe can be relatively inexpensive to replace, especially because labor is straightforward.

Other repair jobs on the exhaust tend to pricier, but a properly functioning system is essential. Failure of the catalytic converter typically is the most expensive repair job in regard to exhaust components, but it must be done or the vehicle will not pass emission tests. It also will spew hazardous chemicals into the environment. The converter has the task of changing various emissions into less harmful gasses. Some of those emissions include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. These gasses are produced during fuel combustion in the engine.

A valuable task accomplished by the muffler is exactly what its name indicates: it dramatically reduces sound caused by the engine’s internal combustion processes. Anyone who has ever heard a vehicle with a seriously worn or damaged muffler knows how loud cars and trucks are when the component isn’t working properly. A repair garage such as Dundee & Wolf Automotive can replace a muffler in an affordable and timely manner, and also can perform the more labor-intensive jobs required to get the system in top-notch condition again. Please visit the website website to learn more about this company and its services. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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