The Importance Of A Secondary DNA Report

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2021


An important aspect of any DNA testing service is the ability to download your raw DNA data. Not all services offer this, but it is important to check before choosing a DNA ancestry company. Once you have the raw DNA data, you are able to upload it to other services to receive specific types of secondary DNA reports.

One of the possibilities for a secondary DNA report is Promethease. This is a very low cost service that analyzes your raw DNA data and provides specific reports using the latest in research on your specific genetic variants.

Access to the Science of DNA

Unlike a general type of DNA report, the Promethease report provides specific information to research the published papers that address specific genetic factors you possess. The report is comprised of information found on, which is a Wiki, so it is constantly updated with the latest research.

This report is ideal for quickly finding the research material needed for a deep dive into your genome. However, the material is in the actual research paper format, which means it is often difficult to read for people without a scientific research background in DNA.

Using the Tools

As the number of research papers can be daunting, the Promethease report offers different filters and options to narrow down your search. Viewers can choose to look for studies that are highly relevant to the specific genetic variation to limit the number of results for the specific search.

Going beyond the basics and overview provided by typical DNA ancestry and health reports, a secondary DNA report helps you to go as deep into the research as you choose.

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