The Importance of Regular Duct Cleaning

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


There are many different types of HVAC systems, both commercial and residential but the one thing that they tend to have in common is ducts. Without ducts, they won’t function properly, and duct cleaning is a necessity at least once every six months. Today we will cover a few reasons for which you should consider this necessary maintenance procedure.

Getting Allergens out of the Air

Individuals with allergies will have trouble living in a home that has too many dust particles in the air. These allergens could exacerbate existing health problems and even make the space unlivable. Each time the HVAC unit is activated, it could spread more allergens through the air, creating serious issues.

Removing Blockage for Efficiency

If the ducts in your system are blocked, then your system will not work efficiently, end of story. The air will not flow properly, and your system will, in fact, work overtime, putting stress on the components and shortening its life.

Reducing Noise

This should not be a problem unless the blockage is severe, but if you have enough debris, then you will likely hear it clattering around. If you notice this, then yes, it is time to start considering a duct cleaning.

The bottom line here is that your unit needs regular maintenance and that often includes duct cleaning. If you notice that occupants in your home are becoming ill, or that the HVAC unit is blowing air less efficiently, then you should call for service immediately. To stay on the safe side, however, it is recommended that you perform a cleaning twice per year, to keep the debris from piling up.

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