The Importance of Rodent Control in Tempe

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2014


Taking a reactive approach to pest control is not the most effective manner to deal with common household pests. A better strategy is to work with a professional who can proactively provide Rodent Control in Tempe. Here are a few reasons why the latter method is in the best interests of the homeowner.

The Nature of Infestations

Not every homeowner understands the fact that by the time the first mouse is spotted skittering along the baseboards, there is already an infestation in full swing. It can take some time after the rodents have established a base in the attic insulation and other parts of the house before anyone is aware of their presence. At that point, getting rid of the problem can be a difficult task. If the homeowner has a service contract in place with a professional pest service, then the process of Rodent Control in Tempe focuses on keeping them from getting into the home in the first place. The result is there is no colony that has to be located and dislodged, and the homeowner can rest easy knowing there are no uninvited guests sleeping under his or her roof.

Preventing Damage to the Home

The fact is, pests cause a great deal of damage to the home. Mice and rats rip insulation in order to make nests. They also tend to use the insulation as the ideal place for depositing waste. That effectively renders the insulation useless, and can also create an unpleasant aroma that permeates other areas of the home. Over time, the saturated insulation can cause damage to ceilings and require a great deal of money in terms of repairs. By keeping the pests from getting in the home in the first place, the insulation will last for years. There will be no unpleasant odors from the waste products, and there will be no need to replace the ceilings. When compared to the cost of having to make all those repairs, the amount that the homeowner pays for a pest control contract will seem extremely reasonable.

For homeowners who want to start protecting their homes today, all it takes is one quick call to Cummings Pest Control, and a professional will be on the way. Once the treatments commence, the homeowner can relax and rest assured that the mice will find somewhere else to play.

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