The Importance of Social Support Services

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Not everybody has access to a supportive social network, and this is where social workers come in handy. Professionals that provide social support services will have trained for a number of years to gain qualifications in their field of work. Some of the issues they deal with will be fairly sensitive at times, and so an industry expert should possess the skills to deal with touchy subjects, such as family complications and financial matters. The aim of these services is to make sure that everyone involved is cared for, without the feeling of loneliness and isolation. A stress-busting option for a lot of people, the services are often linked to the improvement of a person’s physical and mental well-being.

Build Important Relationships

We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes or just somebody to talk to when things get a little tough. Unless you have someone you can turn to when things get rough, it might be a struggle to go about your daily duties. Feelings of loneliness can escalate into feelings of depression, so don’t let this become the case. Social support services expose you to new surroundings and different characters, which is the perfect base for forming strong friendships.

Maintain An Active Social Life

If you are an older individual, you may not lead as active a lifestyle as you once did. Age can take its toll on your social life and it can become difficult to form new social circles. With social support services, someone will make arranged visits to your home not just to assess how you are feeling overall but also, to provide you with some company. This is important if you are starting to feel fairly isolated and as each session progresses, you will slowly be introduced to group activities and support groups, where you will meet new friends with similar interests.

Taking Charge of Health and Well-being

It is particularly important that you contact someone to assist with social support services if you are not in your prime and feel less able to undertake simple daily tasks like you used to. A social support specialist will ask you to open up to him or her, so that the professional can gain a closer look at your life and areas of health and wellness that might need improvement or guidance. These services are especially beneficial for people with disabilities or the elderly, because these individuals may not have the level of independence that they once did.

Social support services are provided with passion and professionalism by CPL’s team. Call 1800 275 753 for details.

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