The Lemon Law In Illinois

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Every state has a version of the “Lemon Law.”  The objective of all Lemon Laws is to protect consumers who purchase new vehicles that are defective and cannot be repaired. In the event the vehicle cannot be fixed, the owner is entitled to a replacement that is effectively the same or a refund.

Vehicles covered:

The vehicles that are covered by the Illinois Lemon Law are new cars, vans, and trucks less than 8,000 lbs GVW, RVs, and vehicles that are less than a year old and have not yet reached 12,000 miles. In all cases, the vehicle must have been purchased in the state of Illinois.

The law in Illinois covers new vehicles as described, which were purchased outright or leased. As the documentary evidence needed is the same regardless of whether the vehicle was purchased or leased, it is essential that all service records and correspondence be kept.

Filing a claim in Illinois:

It is impossible to tell whether a new vehicle is going to turn out to be a lemon or not, this being the case, it is important that you start right away documenting any problems.

To qualify under the Illinois Lemon Law the vehicle must have been out of service for repair of the same problem for 30 business days, and four attempts must have been made to rectify the problem, all to no avail.

Once the criteria have been met, and the problem has not been solved, you can begin the claim process.

The benefit of legal assistance:

If you are not getting satisfaction from the vehicle manufacturer, it may be in your best interest to hire a seasoned Lemon Law attorney. An experienced attorney can help with your claim by explaining the law in detail to you expedite the process and help gather the documents that will be needed to prove your claim.

The Illinois Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers that purchased or leased a vehicle that was seriously flawed. For more information, please visit Lemon Law America.

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