The Many Advantages of Climate-Controlled Self Storage for Rochester MN Residents

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Moving Services


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When it comes to Self Storage Rochester MN residents may want a climate-controlled unit, so they don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures, hot weather or high humidity damaging their belongings. Instead of having the doors situated on the exterior of big warehouse-style buildings, these units are accessed from inside. The facility managers make it easy for customers to transport their possessions from the car to the unit by having indoor parking and rolling carts available.

Nobody can control the outside temperature, but owners of climate-controlled storage are happy to provide this feature for their customers. Regarding Self Storage Rochester MN residents who want this type of control as well as high-level security and cleanliness look for facilities with excellent reputations.


For some items, humidity is more of a problem than temperature. The muggy weather common in southern Minnesota in the summertime can cause wood to warp and electronics to become damaged. Leather and vinyl items can develop mildew.

Extremes in Temperature

That isn’t to say extremes in temperature are OK. Vinyl record albums and wood furniture, for instance, can warp in extreme heat. Freezing temperatures can cause any items with liquid inside to break. That might include a collection of essential oils or a lava lamp. Batteries do not last long in freezing weather.

When trying to decide whether a climate-controlled unit at a facility like Rochester Indoor Storage is advisable, the person might consider whether he or she would feel comfortable storing everything in a detached garage or other outbuilding. The hot sun beats down in the summer along with high humidity. Winter in this region brings many days with temperatures far below freezing and sometimes far below zero. It’s no wonder so many people insist on a storage environment without these extremes.

Convenience and Comfort

The convenience of these units is appreciated by the customers. No longer does anyone have to stand outside on a windy day, trying to move things in or out of a unit without the wind blowing dust and leaves inside. They don’t have to deal with excessive heat or bitterly cold temperatures because everything is accomplished indoors. Interested consumers may visit online to get started.

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