The Most Popular Breast Cancer Bras

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Shopping


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Sometimes a mastectomy is a weapon that is used for battling breast cancer. However, losing your breast can be emotionally challenging, as breasts are often an important part of a woman’s identity. A breast prosthesis can help balance your posture and enable you to continue wearing the same favorite clothes you used to wear before your breast surgery.

Amoena makes breast cancer bras that are uniquely attractive for a wide variety of reasons. For example, the Amoena Lara Comfort 3D Innovative Soft Cup Bra features comfort fabric that makes you feel as though you are wearing a second layer of skin rather than a bra. Instead of using a wire to support you, this bra uses 3D fabric channeling to provide excellent definition as well as lift. The bra also has adjustable elastic straps and conveniently holds a breast form.

Several types Anita bras are also designed with the mastectomy patient in mind. The Anita 5301X mastectomy bra is a full cup support bra that doesn’t have an underwire, thus being more comfortable. The bra is easy to fasten using three hooks in the back; it also has bilateral pockets and adjustable straps. The Anita Care bra is another popular option due to its high-technology blend of polyamide and polyester fibers. The breathable, soft, smooth and extremely light fabric, combined with the bra’s relief straps, provide ultimate comfort.

You may also choose from among several Classique bras, which provide shape, support, beauty and comfort as well. These bras are made specifically for those who have had surgery to remove only a part of a breast or the full breast. If you want to feel particularly feminine, then the Classique 779 Lacy Romantic Mastectomy Bra may be ideal for you. This bra is sophisticated and sensual, featuring embroidered straps and an adjustable back. It has specially designed spandex/cotton to accommodate breast prostheses.

A reputable provider of breast cancer bras will offer an extensive selection of products catered to your particular needs, and can help you choose a bra that will best improve your quality of life following breast cancer surgery.

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