The Need for Water Treatment in The Villages, FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Many home owners have heard the warning about the risks of consuming tap water. Lead and copper, pesticides and antibiotics and many other chemicals have been regularly found well water and water supplied by municipal water districts. Drinking bottled water is not an adequate substitution for tap water. Most bottled water is only treated tap water, the bottles and bottling process affect the environment and it is expensive. Tap water is easy to find at home and water treatment in The Villages FL makes it cleaner and safer than any average bottled beverage. Filtering water is necessary to ensure that every drop is safe and healthy. It is not just about taste and health. Filtered water is better when showering and when doing laundry.

   *   Filtered water removes chemicals added to disinfect the water, eliminates heavy metals picked up as it flows through the plumbing and cleans away any pathogens that may remain. Filtered water pitchers help with only drinking water. Whole-home systems provide clean water for every purpose.

   *   Health is affected when people breathe the steam from chemical-laden unfiltered water.

   *   It is not possible to boil away chemicals and metals.

   *   Showering in water treated with chlorine irritates the skin and robs moisture from the hair.

   *   EPA studies showed that chlorine increases the appearance of aging at the same rate as sun exposure.

   *   Excessive chlorine exposure may damage the immune system and cause fatigue. This is possible if people take baths daily or enjoy frequent long showers.

   *   Pets can suffer too. Dogs and cats are sensitive to many of the chemicals found commonly in municipal water and fish may struggle if filtered water is not available.

   *   Filtered water makes clothing softer and gets everything cleaner. Chemicals and high levels of minerals react negatively with laundry detergent. It may prevent the soap from dissolving completely and could leave residue on the clothing.

Water Treatment in The Villages FL is a convenient and affordable service. There is very little for the home owner to do once a filtering system is installed. Maintenance is easy and assistance is always available. Visit  to schedule a free water test. The technicians will discuss the test results and what steps to take next if filtering is needed.

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