The New Jersey Auto Inspection Procedure

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


No matter where in New Jersey you are located, the car inspection process is entirely the same. This requirement makes it crucial that you keep up with your vehicle maintenance at all times. If you need a tire rotation, oil change, or filter replacement, you should get it done to avoid issues when inspection time comes around. We wanted to offer some insight into the car inspection process and what to expect.

Why Car Inspections Exist

Every two years, you must have your vehicle inspected. The reason behind this is to ensure that your car is safe on the road with other drivers. It also verifies that your vehicle’s emissions meet the standards required by New Jersey. To keep on top of your inspection dates, make sure to occasionally take a look at the inspection sticker on your windshield. This will provide information about when your current inspection expires. This will allow you time to get a new inspection set up before you run out of time.

Where to Have an Inspection Done

You have options regarding where you can get your vehicle inspected in New Jersey. The most common option is to visit a state inspection station. All of your inspections can be done here for no fee, other than the registration cost. Be sure to understand how long the wait times can be at these stations, though, as you can end up spending time in line for a while. Your other option includes inspection facilities, such as the one your dealership offers. There will be a fee, but the process may be faster.

Make Sure to Schedule Early

You should have an inspection schedule before your expiration date comes around. If you end up falling behind and are pulled over with an expired sticker, you could be in trouble. You could be fined and may even have your registration privileges revoked. That means you won’t be allowed to drive the vehicle until it has been inspected and property registered again.

At Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc, we’d be happy to inspect your vehicle for a competitive price. We also offer auto body services and other options for New Jersey drivers.

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