The Newest Game Choices That You Can Find in Modern Day

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


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Arcades are an important part of history when you’re interested in video games as many popular titles like Street Fighter II and PAC-MAN owed their mainstream popularity to having many arcade machines across the world. While it seems like the popularity of arcades has declined as gaming at home has risen, arcades can still be a great place to go out and be social while playing video games. Check out these newer arcade titles you can find at a video game arcade in Newport.

Dance Dance Revolution

Many different rhythm games have come and gone, but Dance Dance Revolution has stayed around due to its unique gameplay. Many pro players come travel hours to visit their closest Dance Dance Revolution machine as you don’t get the same gameplay experience as if you were to play a home version of the game. Since the game first launched in the later 1900s, the game has grown to feature thousands of different tracks that you can play at different difficulties so you’re always able to achieve a new goal. Whether you’re a dancing casual or someone who wants to be a pro, you can have fun dancing to this game.

Tekken 7

While the Tekken series has grown to become popular on consoles, it’s been popular in arcades since it’s a game that not only people new to fighting games can get into but veterans who are looking for a new game to compete in. First premiering as an arcade game, Tekken 7 features many different characters to choose from that all have different playstyles. Consider Tekken 7 if you’re looking for a new fighting game to play.

Other Modern Arcade Games

If you got a large video game arcade in Newport, you can expect there to be more choices of games that you can play. Ranging from shooting games to platformers, arcades have games for all types of players. Make sure that you check out your local arcade.

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