The Power of Social Media Marketing in Naples Fl

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2020


In 2014, eCommerce generated $1.5 trillion in online sales revenue, and 2015 estimates will hit $1.7 trillion. eCommerce is the 21st century’s version of the wild west. There are plenty of territories to conquer, and small business and startups are leading the way. With the proliferation of social media reaching your customers requires strategic thought. Extending your customer reach through a website requires building a digital marketing toolbox.

Like Me

Creating a social media marketing campaign is an effective tool. So what’s your social strategy? It’s the difference between being lost in the wilderness or having a trail guide. Businesses can no longer think of social policy as the number of likes generated from an engaging piece of content.

Today, social strategy is not only a delivery method, but it’s a conduit to learning about your customers in very specific ways – where they live, their interests, what’s important to them and which social platforms they use. Once you understand their habits, you can determine how best to use your marketing resources to reach them. Even better news, there are companies that can help you identify and develop a social media marketing plan.

Facebook is Where My Parent’s Hang Out

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices, customers need their brand engagement to be seamless, available anywhere and across their social channels. You want your brand to resonate with target customers, and they want to be able to share their experience with others through peer sharing. Figuring out which social channels to target becomes a manageable process.

If you need help finding your customers and their social channels, consider social media marketing. Naples Fl businesses count on web service companies that work to understand your, mission, customers and develop your targets’ sites. Growing a business is every CEO’s goal. Learning along the way is priceless.

There’s an App for That

You have seen the many infographics depicting the ever increasing size of social sites and mobile Apps. Whether the visual is a world globe or the tree of life, it is huge. Adult participation on these sites has seen exponential growth. Facebook holds the top slot with 1.4 billion registered users. Others, including Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, are in the triple digits (million).

Small business owners wear many hats. Scaling your business and engaging with partners who can help you along the way is critical. Expanding your digital footprint requires thoughtful deliberation, grounded in market research. Working with a social media marketing vendor to understand your customers’ habits and where they reside is an investment with measurable returns.

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