The Primary Advantages of Using Fabric Swatch Binders for Clients

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2022


As the owner of a successful interior decorating business, you might take pride on matching customers with ideal designs and decorations. You want them to feel happy with the results you can provide them. You also want them to visualize the same results you can see in your mind and try to explain to them.

However, your customers may want to see colors and patterns for themselves before they okay the use of these concepts in their homes or businesses. You can provide them with a concrete example of what you are talking about when you invest in resources like fabric swatch binders for your business.


When you have these resources on hand, you can provide a convenient option for customers to see what colors and patterns look like for themselves. You may not want to send customers away with large pieces of fabric or even throw pillows or drapes that feature these designs. You have no way of knowing if you will get those decorative items returned to you.

However, the small pieces of cloth you have in each binder can be sufficient for providing a concrete example for customers. They can take home that piece of cloth and try it out to see what it looks like. They can then visualize what you are describing and approve or change your design plans.

Fabric swatch binders offer a convenient way to design clients’ homes or businesses. Customers can visualize your concepts and see for themselves how colors or patterns would look.

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