The Residential Movers in Chicago Will Make Your Move Much Easier

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


Moving from your home is one of the most stressful events that will occur in your life. There are ways to ease most of the stress and make you feel comfortable about moving. It all begins with selecting a mover and determining what you are going to have to pack for the moving truck.

This will help you and the residential movers in Chicago decide what boxes you will need and how many. The professional advice from the moving company is invaluable in planning your move. The company can recommend packing boxes for fragile items including dishes and glassware. All kinds of packing materials are available including bubble wrap for protecting valuable items during the move. Shrink wrap can protect your upholstered furniture and mattress covers are also available. Very strong packing tape will help you secure the boxes which have been designated to hold a certain amount of weight. You will always know how much to pack in a box.

The residential movers in Chicago will decide the size of the truck they will need for your move. When they viist your home, they can assess which items need special handling, and how many furniture pads they will need. They can also tell you how many boxes you will need. They are well experienced in moving pianos. They have been around a long time so they know how many boxes will be required by walking through the house.

The following services are used for every move:

1. Wrapping all furniture in padded blankets
2. Packing and crating fragile items
3. Moving vans and trucks are well maintained and very clean as well as free of insect and bugs.
4. The moving crews are well trained and experienced.
5. Large items are handled with care on dollies, hoists and lift-gates.

You can receive an estimate of the cost of your move by asking for an estimator to come out and review your home’s contents. You can get a rather accurate estimate by this review. It may be off a little depending on the weather and traffic. You can inquire whether the move will be a flat-rate or an hourly rate. You can be certain that the professional movers will handle everything for you and with considerable caring.

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