The Step By Step Shredding Process for Business Owners

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jul, 2015


Countless business owners purchase their own mini shredders to destroy paperwork that shouldn’t be seen by others. While this works well if there are only a few documents to destroy, it is not a proper plan when there are hundreds of papers to go through. Hiring a shredding company is a better option. The step by step shredding process is easy to understand and follow.

Step 1: Consult the Shredding Company

When papers need shredding in a timely manner, the first step is to consult with a shredding company, like Shred Confidential. They will set up a time to come and collect all materials that need shredding.

Step 2: Have Papers Collected and Scanned

Once the appointment has been set, there is no further work for the business owner to do. The rest will be accomplished by the shredders. They will come and collect the papers, scan all the bins, and be locked in carts to be destroyed in.

Step 3: Destroy

After all the paperwork has been locked in safely and put in the truck, the documents will be destroyed. The large shredder is capable of destroying hundreds of documents at one time, making the job fast.

Step 4: Receive Certificate

Once the shredding company has gotten rid of the owner’s papers, they will print out a certificate detailing the fact that the documents were destroyed. This certificate will be given to the owner, so they have proof the job was done.

Step 5: Receive an Invoice

The company will then e-mail an electronic company of the invoice. It will list the shredding that took place, and provide the overall price for the service. Business owners should keep the certificate and this invoice for their records, so they have proof the documents were actually destroyed.

The step by step shredding process does not involve the business owner much. They make the first phone call while the shredding company does the rest. Those looking to dispose of large quantities of paper at once require the help of a shredding company. Call Us Today for a FREE Consultation & Estimate on our shredding services.

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