The Three Primary Ways of Classifying Air Compressors in PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Air compressors play a vital role in converting electric or gas power into potential energy stored in the form of pressurized air. The compressed air can be used to supply the energy needed to move heavy machineries, such as construction and fabrication equipment. Air Compressors PA can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or natural gas. Electric compressors are suitable for indoor applications because they do not emit fumes. They are run at a standard voltage of between 110 to 220V. Gas-powered compressors are mostly used by builders and remodelers due to their high output, flexibility, and convenience. Most air compressors are made of premium metals, such as cast iron to enable then withstand extreme internal temperatures and pressure. Air Compressors PA can be classified in three different ways: according to the delivered pressure, portability, and design or principle of operation.

According to Delivered Pressure

When classified according to the pressure delivered, air compressors are divided into three distinct categories:

    *     High-pressure Compressors

    *     : These air compressors with a discharge pressure of above 1,000 psi. High-pressure compressors are used in industrial settings to move heavy machinery and equipment.

    *     Medium-pressure compressors

    *     : They have a discharge pressure of 151 psi to 1,000 psi.

    *     Low-pressure compressors

    *     : They have a discharge pressure of 150 psi or less. They are mostly found in residential environments and used with electrical tools such as air staplers and nail guns.

According to Principle of Operation

When classified according to their mode of operation, air compressors are divided into four categories. They include:

    *     Rotary screw compressor

    *     Vane compressors

    *     Piston-type compressors

    *     Centrifugal compressors

According to Portability

When categorized according to portability, air compressors fall into two broad categories: portable and stationary air compressors. Larger portable compressors are equipped with wheels to make them easy to move from place to place while smaller portable compressors are light enough to carry. Stationary compressors are found in garages and workshops. They are installed in a fixed location and wired directly to a building’s electrical circuit.

These are the three primary ways of classifying Air Compressors PA. To get quality air compressors at an affordable price, choose a reputable air compressor supplier, such as Air Center Inc. For more information about air compressors, and how to contact a certified supplier, visit

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