The Ultimate Guide to Organizing the Space in Your Student Housing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2024


Students are often unfairly labeled as messy and disorganized, with the freedom of living alone making it easy to overlook cleaning duties and chores. To avoid identifying with this stereotype, follow these tips for an organized and clean room.


There is no point in organizing things you do not use or need. Go through every room in your student housing in Mount Pleasant, MI and remove things you no longer use. Remember, organized clutter is still clutter, so don’t skip this process. The goal is to streamline your belongings to manage what you use and value.

Utilize Your Bedroom Space

Bedrooms hold most of your belongings, and the creative organization of the room makes a significant difference. Invest in space-saving items like extra rolling drawers, shelves, notebook holders, and poufs with storage. Also, you can store items you don’t use frequently under the bed.

Use Over-Door Hooks

Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you to maximize vertical space when floor space is at a minimum. Over-door hangers are designed to slip over doors and provide space to hang items like gowns, jacket collections, and other pieces of clothing. These hooks are handy in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens for easy access to daily essentials. Stacking items on each other also helps in saving space while remaining organized. For instance, you can place make-up brushes on books you have already read.

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