The Value In Reviewing Law Firm Information In Nevada

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Aug, 2019


Most companies today use some form of Big Data and analytics to not only develop stronger customer relationships but to assess and compare their business in relation to the competition. This has been relatively uncommon in the legal sector, but new companies in the analytics field are now able to provide this type of law firm information.

For attorneys and firms in Florida, having an easy way to access information about the opposing law firm is an advantage. Obtaining law firm information ethically and using the professional standards of the American Bar Association is good business practice. It provides a clear picture of the common motions, arguments, and practices a law firm uses in representing a client in a Florida court.

Available Data

It is important to realize that the law firm information the legal analytic companies provide is available through other means, and it is all present online and through internet sources, including the courts.

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The service that the analytic companies provide is sifting and sorting through this massive amount of information to gather the relevant information and then provide it in a meaningful, searchable, and useful report form.

Rather than having a large number of anecdotal reports from other attorneys and people within the court system, lawyers and law firms can look at the amassed and aggregate data over years of cases. Additionally, through the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms, data can be screened for relevance and trends, and typical responses in filing motions and representing clients on specific types of cases can be established.

Of course, the information obtained is not always an indication of how an attorney chooses to represent any given case. However, it does provide background information, allowing an attorney to understand how the firm most commonly handles similar cases, and when they deviate from these methods.

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