The Value of Aerobic Septic Systems in Hawaii

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Septic systems are designed to treat wastewater in an eco-friendly way. Aerobic bacteria breaks down solids in wastewater to be reused as fertilizer. It’s a healthy bacteria that’s present in nature. It’s found in natural bodies of water and keeps the aquatic ecosystem in balance. aerobic septic systems in Hawaii is one of the highest functioning on-site wastewater treatment systems. In the septic tank, aerobic bacteria digests toxic organic solids that shouldn’t be a part of the usable fertilizer it converts into. Once the process is carried out to end, a clear water free of contaminants travels out pipes to fertilize soil.

Aerobic Septic Systems in Hawaii process wastewater in a highly efficient way. Those who use this product don’t have the same malfunctioning problems as seen in other types of systems. A septic system maintenance provider will suggest a routine schedule of service. Following a maintenance care plan and using the system as instructed will keep an aerobic septic system in good condition throughout its entire use. The service provider will need to have a good estimate of the volume of wastewater that enters the system in a given period of time. It can be determined how often the system should be pumped based on that information. When sludge from septic tanks are pumped, the certified technician also checks the components of the tank. All components need to be in their proper place with no significant damage for the system to continue working at full capacity. More aerobic treatment product is inserted into the system during maintenance service as well.

Most companies that provide septic tank service also do grease trap cleaning for customers. Food service establishments need this service. Grease traps must be cleaned and maintained on a strict schedule to avoid backup. A clogged up grease trap in a restaurant raises sanitary concerns. A back-flow of dirty grease leaves a big cleanup and possibly downtime for the business. High-powered machines are used to wash the grease traps out. Used grease can also be recycled in a sort of way. The accumulation of grease can be converted into biodiesel fuel. This is an excellent way to re-purpose resources used by people.

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