The Versatility of a Pipe and Drape System

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Shopping


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Pipe and drape is the most versatile system to use for drapery at an event or venue and can be used for a variety of functions. Any space such as a hall or even large tent can be divided or transformed into smaller partitions through the use of drapes with this system. Drapes can also be used for purely decorative purposes; placed in front of walls to temporarily change the color of a room, or in front of storage areas to conceal equipment.

A more conservative use may be to create a small booth for a variety of uses; this is a great setup for a photographer, in which case the drapes will provide an attractive background for images. The wide variety of drapes that are available to use with the pipes allows for the use of the use of anything from subtle fabrics that will not draw attention, to more vibrant colors or patterns that can become part of the visual theme of your event. The choice of fabrics that can be used with pipe and drape is truly endless, from simple colors and patterns to sequins and taffeta, and even faux flowers and leaves that can bring an elegant garden atmosphere to your indoor event.

The pipes are simple both to put together and dismantle, and split into parts that can be stored or easily transported for use at the next event. The pipes are telescopic, which means that although they collapse to a manageable length, they can be extended to fit any room regardless of size, making them flexible for use at a variety of venues. As well as the standard straight pipes, curved pipes are also available—these are perfect for covering a curved stage or concealing a focal point or product that is to be revealed during the event.

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