There’s No Need To Replace Carpeting When Carpet Seam Repair In Riverside CA Can Be Performed

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


Carpet seams can fail in high-traffic areas, because of age, and due to general wear and tear on the carpeting. Ripples in a carpet are a sign the carpet needs to be repaired and eliminate trips or falls. Carpet Seam Repair in Riverside CA should only be performed by a trained carpet installer to preserve the integrity of the rest of the carpeted area.

Another reason a carpet seam fails is due to poor installation and the carpet being inadequately secured to the adhesive. Adhesive strips that are too old during installation will not secure the carpeting appropriately. Sealing the seam of a carpet involves more than additional glue to the back of the carpeting.

The Process

A wrinkled and loose carpet will require stretching or possible removal of a small area of carpeting. The old adhesive trip will need to be removed from the back of the carpeting and a new one installed. The two edges of the carpeting will have to be pulled together with a special carpet stretcher for a tight fitting seam.

When Will A Small Strip Of Carpeting Need To Be Removed?

When a carpet has stretched, a small piece of the carpeting will have to be removed. The area that is removed is normally along a wall. Removing the excess carpet will help to make the carpet repair less noticeable.

Animal Damage

Animals like to find the seam of the carpeting, and some will continue to dig in the area until the carpeting seam tears apart. Although the carpeting might look like it will need to be replaced, a homeowner should contact a company who is experienced with Carpet Seam Repair in Riverside CA to repair it instead of replacing it. These minor repairs will cost much less than replacing an entire room of carpeting.

In addition to performing carpet seam repairs, an experienced carpet installer will be able to re-stretch carpets, and repair holes with a small cut and plug. Carpets that look like they need to be replaced will easily be repaired in many cases. For more information about carpet repair, cleaning, or installation, please visit website You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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