Things Everybody Should Do When a Wet Basement is Found in Baltimore, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


In the United States, official federal government estimates place the prevalence of basements in residential structures at about 40 percent. Most homeowners use basements as a way to store belongings and for water heaters, breaker boxes, and HVAC system components. A wet basement Baltimore is always a bad sign – here’s what to do about it.

Gutters Often Contribute to Wet Basements

Gutters are used to properly drain water from homes and direct rainfall sufficiently away from homes. However, they’re not always planned out or installed properly. You should consider extending your home’s gutters further from your home’s perimeter. Also, make sure all rainfall is thoroughly collected and rerouted by your gutter system. From there, extend downspouts at least two yards from your home’s perimeter.

Install a Crown Around Your Home

All homes should immediately be surrounded by a 6-to-12-inch raised area of soil. It should slope steadily downwards over at least a 10-foot length. If your home was already crowned, know that they settle over time. It might be time to re-crown your home’s perimeter if you have a wet basement Baltimore.

Waterproof Your Basement and Foundation

Whether or not your foundation is also wet, both your basement and foundation should be waterproofed. It’s a simple, affordable process that should have been performed when your house was built.

Moisture Maintenance Made Easy by Us

Thanks for reading our article; we’re Armored Basement Waterproofing of Baltimore, Maryland, and we’re ready to help return your basement to working order.

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