Things to Do When Looking to Hire an Interstate Moving Company in Boston, MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


Once you decide to make a big move to another state, you have to determine how to go about it. While people sometimes hire a U-Haul and move everything themselves, it can be a lot less stressful to look into hiring an interstate moving company in Boston MA. It’s a given that you should ask around for recommendations and check up on the reputation of any company you’re considering, but there are a few other things you should do before making a decision.

Get In-Person Estimates

Although some companies offer online or over the phone estimates, if they haven’t actually seen just how much stuff you have to move, the estimate isn’t going to be as accurate. Aim for in-person estimates from three or four companies before hiring an interstate moving company in Boston MA. Make sure these estimates are written and that you’re comparing like services, as some companies may offer more than others for the price.

Show the Estimator Everything

If someone comes to the home, they’ll see whether there are items that will be challenging to move, a lot of heavy items, stairs, or long distances from the home to the street that could increase the cost of the move. Have the person look in all closets and storage areas, not just the main rooms of the home. You don’t want any surprises on moving day.

Determine Who Will Do the Packing

Sometimes the movers will only ensure that everything will arrive in perfect condition if they pack the items themselves. Having interstate movers pack for you will also simplify your move, as they’ll have all the necessary supplies on hand and the experience to pack everything so it can be transported safely. Just be sure to set aside anything you want to carry yourself, such as important documents and small valuables. Get a written inventory to use to compare what they take and what they deliver.

Ask for Full Value Protection

There are different types of protection for belongings used by moving companies. Ask for them to quote with full value protection, as this is the highest level of protection. Otherwise, your belongings may arrive damaged but not be fully covered by the insurance.

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