Things to Know About Septic System Installation Services in Lima Ohio and Proper Use of the Equipment

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


Septic System Installation Services in Lima Ohio are essential when residential or commercial buildings will be constructed on rural property. Any building where people will reside or work regularly is required to have an adequate wastewater removal system, with few exceptions. Since most rural property cannot hook up to a municipal system, a private septic tank and drain field is installed.

Because the price of installation is steep, prospective property buyers must factor this into their purchase offer. The same is true if they need to have a well drilled for tap water. Many real estate shoppers only consider lots and acreage that already have these features instead of unimproved land. For this reason, real estate companies that own rural land commonly have the work done before listing the properties.

Long-Term Effectiveness

Technicians who provide Septic System Installation Services in Lima Ohio can offer tips to the property owners on keeping the equipment functioning effectively and preventing problems. The tank, pipes and drain field should last for decades and may never need replacement as long as certain precautions are taken.

Maintaining the Drain Field

For example, nobody should drive over the surface of the drain field because that packs down the dirt, reducing the percolation effect that is essential for filtration. Planting trees or bushes there also should be avoided because the roots can be disruptive.

Preventing Backups

Avoiding behaviors that can cause sewer backups is important. This mainly involves making sure everyone only flushes toilet paper and human waste instead of the plethora of other items people tend to send down a toilet. In addition, being conservative with water use to a certain extent prevents overloading of the tank. Primarily, this means not washing numerous loads of laundry in one morning or afternoon. The work should be spread out to give the system time to recover.

After installation by a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services, the tank will occasionally need to be pumped. Emptying out the tank every year or two also prevents sewer backups, since the container gradually starts filling up with solids and sludge. This service can be provided by the same company. Find us on Facebook!

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