Things to Know Before Hiring Home Cleaners in Tempe AZ

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2017


Most people don’t like housecleaning, and for a good reason: it’s no fun. Home Cleaners Tempe AZ can save homeowners the hassle and aggravation of regular cleaning. However, customers should know a few things before hiring a housecleaning service.

Pre-Cleaning Saves Money

Most people do a little tidying up before the housekeeper arrives, but they often wonder how much of that work is really necessary. While customers don’t have to do a deep cleaning, they should do whatever they can to help the cleaner help them. When house cleaners charge an hourly rate, doing a little pre-cleaning can help customers save a significant amount of money.

Give Precise Instructions

Unless a client gets a top-to-bottom cleaning once per week, cleaners need instructions. Is the kitchen a little dirty? Ask them to spend more time there. New clients may not know what their homes need most, and many Home Cleaners Tempe AZ offer free initial consultations that can give customers an idea of what they need.

Deal With Pets

In some cases, pets may not react well when strangers come into the home. Not every pet needs to be boarded when the cleaning crew arrives, but if they’re uncomfortable with visitors or loud noises, consider crating them or putting them outside. When homeowners proactively deal with their pets, they make the job safer and easier.

Allow Plenty of Time

Clients shouldn’t be embarrassed if the house is in disarray. Life happens, and sometimes, the bare minimum is all there’s time for. Cleaners typically don’t judge clients, but they may take longer than expected to get everything right. It’s important to set realistic expectations when hiring a housecleaner.

Hire an Insured Company

Cleaning crews sometimes have to touch a family’s valuable belongings, and accidents may occur. The best way to protect important possessions is to select a company that’s insured, as the coverage can help families replace things that get broken or lost. However, it’s the client’s responsibility to get things ready by securing expensive items.

Hiring a housecleaning company can help families free up more time for what’s really important, but there are important factors to consider before signing a contract. Visit website to learn more about the company’s home cleaning services.

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