Things to Understand About Wood Chips for Portland, OR, Landscaping

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2020


Wood chips in Portland, OR, landscaping are useful as mulch. They are commonly placed around trees and other woody plants and in gardens. The nutrients they provide are beneficial for a variety of plants.

Important Considerations

Fresh wood chips in Portland, OR, suppliers should not be used as underground mulch in vegetable and flower gardens because they draw nitrogen from the soil as they decompose. This is only temporary, but the process holds this important nutrient away from plants in a major stage of their growth cycle. Fresh chips can be placed on the land’s surface, however. That way, nutrients will sink into the soil and provide natural fertilization. If the chips are aged and not fresh, this problem will not occur.

Fresh chips can be placed further down in the soil around well-established plants like trees and shrubs. The release of nutrients from the decomposing wood is beneficial for them, and the short-term nitrogen accumulation by the chips is not a problem. It will gradually be redistributed into the soil and taken up by the roots of the trees and bushes.

Placement Around Trees

For placement around trees, fresh wood chips should not touch the trunk. Landscaping technicians understand this, but property owners may not. Fresh chips hold moisture, which can result in fungal infections and insect invasions. This does not happen if the chips are placed in a circle a short distance from the tree. Wood chips are available from Red Bark Inc, which provides information on its products.

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