Things to Understand Before Hiring Contractors for Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County can be a big, inconvenient job that is difficult to complete with entirely satisfactory results. That’s why so many homeowners hire professional refinishers to do this work. This is particularly important when the floors are in noticeably rough shape. It’s one thing when only a room or two have wood floors, but sometimes most or all of the square footage has this flooring material.

This is a chance to change to an entirely different stain, creating a new look for the home’s interior. The customers want to keep the traditional charm while making changes like switching to a lighter or darker stain.

Weather Considerations

The project should be done during dry weather and relatively low humidity. Otherwise, the stripped floors will start absorbing moisture as soon as the finish is removed. In addition, contractors such as Anthony’s World of Floors will want to have windows open for ventilation.

Expecting Inconvenience

Even if all the rooms have hardwood floors, the residents can continue living in the house while the project is ongoing as long as they are willing to restrict their living space to the floors not being worked on. Each room must be completely cleared before the refinishing begins. The contractor sands away the old finish, repairs damages like dents and chips, and clears away all the dust.

The Application of Stain and Polyurethane

Then it’s time to apply one or two coats of stain. After the stain dries, the contractor applies at least three coats of polyurethane, which should dry in about 24 hours. The rooms cannot be used during all of this work. If the customers can move out of the house until the work is done, the contractors can complete the project much faster, but this isn’t always feasible.

Evaluating the Completed Project

After the job of Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County is complete, the customers should check everything carefully and make sure the work meets their expectations. A reputable contractor will encourage this and be glad to resolve any problems. Click Here for information on one organization that provides hardwood refinishing services.

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