Three Elements To Include In Pet Monuments In Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


The passing of a pet is tragic and leaves a pet owner feeling distraught and full of grief. Pets hold a special place in the heart of their owners, and many seek ways to commemorate the love and companionship that their pet provided for them over the years. In addition to holding a memorial service to celebrate their life, another great way to recognize a furry friend for their love is to place Pet Monuments in Connecticut at their grave site, which marks their eternal resting place.


Most pet owners include the name of their pet on the monument, but it is also a good idea to add any nicknames that have developed over the years, which further personalizes the headstone. Nicknames are often a term of endearment and are a reflection of their personality and the love they gave. A popular option is to include any alternate names underneath their given name and to set it in quotes to differentiate between the two.

Commemorative Quote

A quote is often powerful, and the plethora of those that are appropriate when celebrating the life of a pet are numerous. A simple online search will present those grieving with a broad list of options, and it is a good idea to sort through them and select the one that most reflects the life of the deceased. It is an excellent way to personalize Pet Monuments in Connecticut and show those who read it the legacy they are leaving behind.

Custom Picture Engraving

Laser technology allows pet owners to include pictures of their loved one directly on the stone, which serves as a memory of their physical being. Select an image that shows the pet in a position that they commonly enjoyed, as it will allow others to see their character. It also shows the level of care and thought put into their final resting place, and serves as a reminder of the impact they had on those they encountered.

The loss of a pet is never easy to process, but a proper memorial service and monument will ensure their final moments are cherished. Shelley Brothers Monuments is a leading manufacturer of quality stone markers and will create a piece that is as unique as the pet it represents. Domain URL to learn more and take the first step in commemorating a pet for years to come.

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