Three Popular Types Of Carpeting Available At A Carpet Store In Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


When selecting a flooring material, many homeowners choose to have carpeting installed in their homes. Carpeting has many benefits, such as comfort, style, and easy maintenance. If you’re interested in learning about the different types of carpeting that’s available at an affordable Carpet Store in Chicago, read the information below.

Cut Pile Carpeting

When manufacturing this type of carpeting, the top of the carpet loops are cut, and the fibers remain upright. This keeps the fibers from flattening when the carpet is walked on. Common types of cut pile carpeting include Saxony, frieze, and plush. The fibers of Saxony carpeting are firmly wound together, and it’s very soft to the touch. Frieze carpeting has a shorter pile, and it’s made so the fibers bend in opposite directions. The fibers in plush or velvet carpeting aren’t wound as tightly, and this creates a carpet that has an elegant appearance.

Level Loop Pile Carpeting

This type of carpeting is made by looping the yarn in a specific length then and leaving it uncut. Level loop pile carpeting can be purchased in various loop lengths. Berber is a very popular type of level loop pile carpeting because it’s durable and footprint marks aren’t left behind when people walk on the carpet. To make this carpet extremely durable, manufacturers use a heavier yarn during the carpet’s production.

Cut and Loop Pile Carpeting

As the name implies, this type of carpeting is made with a mixture of fibers that are both cut and left in loops. Because of the fiber blends, this carpeting has numerous textures, and the colors of the fibers are often mixed to give the carpeting unique patterns. Homeowners can view a large selection of carpeting in various styles and colors when they visit a wholesale Carpet Store in Chicago.

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