Three Questions to Ask When Considering a Used Windshield

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2015


The windshield protects the driver from major injury in a collision, second to the seat belt, as it is a complex design made for structural support for the vehicle. It has three primary functions: safety, safety, and… SAFETY!

Firstly, it keeps passengers from being thrown from the vehicle, even if they are not wearing a seat belt. Severe injuries would result if the passengers were to be thrown from the car and the vehicles were to roll over them. Secondly, this reinforced glass also provides support to the airbag and acts as a barrier between the air bag and the outside of the car. If a windshield is installed incorrectly, it will pop out during an accident and the airbag would prove faulty, as it would be outside of the car instead of protecting the passengers in the front driver and passenger seat. Lastly, the windshield takes 65% of the damage so that the roof does not collapse in a rolling accident. Again, if the windshield is repaired inappropriately, the windshield could break and the roof would collapse. This situation is one of the most deadly because it involves high probability of head trauma.

So this brings about the question: Is it safe to use a used windshield in the repair of a damaged windshield?

*    Adhesive is about as equally matched with the windshield itself when considering safety and technique in windshield replacement. Using household items as substitutes like caulk or silicone is highly prohibited as the slightest leak or pocket in a windshield could prove detrimental and injure the driver or its passengers. Butyl tape is available at home development stores as a cousin of polyurethane sealant – actual tape used by AGRSS certified professionals – that should be used with windshield repair, but it should be avoided at all cost. A number of accidents have occurred due to DIY windshield repairs using cheap sealants.

*    AGRSS certified companies are certified but are questionably trustworthy. It is up to you to research the appropriate technician that has your satisfaction in mind. Asking about their warranty would be a great suggestion in case there are any issues after installation.

*    Used windshields are not recommended, as it would lead one to believe that they were going to do a DIY windshield repair. Thus, entrust your vehicle to an auto windshield repair specialist to put your mind at ease so you will not have to worry about there being any complications with the application, technique, or evaluation of your windshield repair. It is extremely important that you allow professionals to repair or replace your windshield to ensure the safest and reputable task is done correctly.

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