Three Signs It’s Time for Hornet Control

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Feb, 2015


Most people do not realize the difference between bees, wasps, and hornets. Although there are many similarities and these insects are often lumped together in one group, there are several differences that should be noted. While a bee is rounder in shape, a wasp has a thin body. A hornet is the largest of the three, with some appearing up to two inches in size. Hornets are the best to watch out for, since their sting can be extremely painful. Once a home-owner detects hornets, a call to pest control is in order. Hornet control is needed when these three signs are found.

Someone Has Suffered a Sting

As soon as someone suffers a hornet sting near the home, pest control can be called. Where there is one hornet, there are typically more. The pest control technician will be able to find the hornet’s nest and eliminate the insects before any more of them can sting another person.

The Nest Has Been Discovered

Somebody may happen upon a nest and not realize what type of creature it belongs to. Calling in a specialist will ensure the nest is identified and removed safely. Whether it belonged to a hornet family or not, the pest control technician will still make sure it is taken care of properly. A hornet’s nest often looks like brown paper that is shaped into a cone. They are usually found higher up than a bee’s hive.

Multiple Hornets Have Been Spotted

Hornet control is needed when multiple hornets have been spotted around the home. They will not usually be in a large swarm together like bees are, but they will instead be found one or two at a time making trips back and forth to their nest. Once they have been seen on a few different occasions, it is time to call in pest control so they can eliminate the clan before it has any further chance to grow its nest.

Hornets are a large, aggressive insect that needs to be dealt with right away. While bees are good for honey, and wasps are necessary for control of other insects, hornets are an unnecessary insect to deal with. Anyone who has seen multiple hornets, discovered a strange nest, or suffered a sting, should seek the help of pest control to have the insects removed from the area.

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