Three Things That Make Seeking A Dentist Who Creates Cerec Crowns In Las Vegas Worth It

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


While everyone would love to be able to maintain the perfect smile throughout their lives, it is rare that people are able to achieve that goal. Due to modern diets, inconsistent hygiene habits, sudden accidents, and a host of other reasons, teeth can start to decay or become cracked or chipped. In these cases, dentists will often advise that the patients have a protective crown placed on the tooth to protect it. For those who have recently discovered they are in need of one or more dental crowns, here’s why it’s advantageous to seek a dentist who creates their crowns with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology.

*      CEREC is a recent technological development that allows dentists to take a digital impression of the tooth and use it to create the patient’s crowns. In times past, dentists had to use a gooey molding substance to make a physical impression of the tooth, and this method was often messy and inefficient. Using digital technology to create

*      Cerec Crowns in Las Vegas not only eliminates the mess, but it leads to more accurate impressions in terms of both size and color.

*      CEREC crowns are also much more convenient. With a traditional crown, dentists were required to send their impressions off to a lab to have a permanent crown created, and this process often took a week or more. With CEREC technology, patients can have their crowns created and placed the same day, which makes things more convenient by eliminating the need for multiple visits.

*      Patients waiting for their crowns to return from the manufacturing lab often had to wear a temporary crown until it arrived. Unfortunately, temporary crowns are rarely color-matched to the patient’s other teeth and can be very uncomfortable to wear. With CEREC same-day technology, patients no longer have to worry about enduring discomfort or unsightly smiles for a week since they will no longer have to wait for their Cerec Crowns Las Vegas to be created and placed.

While traditional restorative crowns are certainly a viable solution, CEREC technology gives patients an added level of accuracy, comfort, and convenience. Patients who would like to discover more about the merits of CEREC crowns should get in touch with the team at Desert Breeze Dental. Visit to learn more about how CEREC technology can be used to restore beauty and function to a patient’s smile.

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