Three Things to Look for from an Elevator Installation Company

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Every elevator in Virginia must be properly maintained according to Virginia law. This includes monthly inspections from a company like Elevator Technologies Inc Arlington VA to ensure the elevator is running the way it should. In addition, there is an annual inspection from a government employee. New elevators must be installed by a professional and inspected by the government before it can go into operation. That is why it’s so important to have the right company perform the work. Here are some things a good company will offer.

Warranty of their Work

One of the things to look for from an elevator company is a warranty for any work performed. This is above and beyond the warranty for any parts used to build the elevator. A company that guarantees that their work won’t fail for a period of time is one that is worth working with.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts can save a company a lot of money over the years. These contracts usually include an agreement for a monthly inspection and any maintenance that might be needed during the inspection. They don’t usually include the cost of extended labor or parts, but general work may be included.

Working within the confines of a contract ensures that the inspections are done regularly and that the owner of the elevator doesn’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment. Since the fees are already locked into place, it’s easy to budget for this service when it’s planned for in advance.

24-7 Operation

There’s no telling when an elevator might break down. For an office building that is open at night or in the evenings and for apartment buildings, anytime is a bad time for a malfunction. Working with a company that offers 24/7 services eliminates the need to work with an unknown company and ensures that the elevator is fixed as quickly as possible.

Whether you have an existing elevator that needs service, or you want to include one in a new or existing building, Elevator Technologies Inc Arlington VA can help. You can visit them online to see their services and to schedule an appointment. To learn more now, Click Here.

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