Three Things to Research When Visiting a Futon Store in Hawaii

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Shopping for new furniture can be fun, and it helps make a home more warm and inviting. One of the most modern furniture choices is a quality made futon. They can be a great substitute for a sofa bed, and provide additional space for guests when placed in a spare bedroom. Most people think that all futons are created equally, but this is far from the truth. Not doing research ahead of time can lead to a futon that isn’t comfortable or well built. Here are a few items to ask about when visiting a futon store Hawaii.

Mattress Options
The most important element of any futon is the mattress. While a cheap mattress may be appealing from a financial standpoint, they aren’t comfortable and will be a source of pain and sleepless nights for guests. Invest in a nicer mattress, and ensure that anyone who lounges or sleeps on it will be comfortable. Most futon stores provide several levels of mattress options, so choose the one that offers the most comfort at the most affordable price-point.

Replaceable Covers
One of the great things about a futon is their exchangeable covers. Most can also be removed from the mattress and washed in a standard washing machine. This makes it easy to keep the futon and prevents unsightly stains from forming on the mattress. Ask a futon store Hawaii what options they have for covers, and find one that will match an existing room’s decor.

Frame Construction
While the quality of the mattress is important, the frame that supports it is as well. Be sure that only high quality, solid wood items are used. Some manufacturers try to save money by using cheap quality materials, which will cause the bed to fail, and can lead to injury. Another great option is a solid metal frame, which offers the same reliability and comes in a wide variety of colors.

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