Three Ways That A Skilled Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula Can Be Of Benefit To A Defendant

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


It’s normal for members of a household to have heated arguments. Unfortunately, one wrong move or one person with malicious intent to lie about the incident is all it takes for a domestic violence situation to arise. Unfortunately, domestic violence charges are taken very seriously by the criminal justice system. This means that even one charge could land someone in jail for a very long time. For those who find themselves facing domestic violence charges, getting help from an attorney right away is the best possible move they can make. Read on to learn more about why this is the case.

   *      Domestic violence law presents an interesting problem. If a person is accused of domestic violence and the alleged victim later wants to have the charges dropped, the prosecutors on the case can still decide to go after the defendant. This is one of the reasons why all defendants need to seek help from a

   *      Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula

   *      . An attorney may be able to use their negotiation skills to get the domestic violence charges dropped.

   *      Restraining orders present yet another issue in domestic violence cases. These orders have the power to keep defendant away from their home and children. An attorney can inform a defendant about their rights to request a hearing on the matter. Having an attorney to help the defendant get ready for this hearing by developing and presenting a strong case for why the restraining order should be lifted is also key.

If a case goes to trial, hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula may be a defendant’s only shot at beating the charges. An attorney will have the necessary resources to conduct a thorough investigation, hire professional witnesses (if necessary) and sort through evidence that helps to prove that the defendant did not do what they are being accused of doing. Without assistance from an attorney, this is extremely difficult for the average defendant to accomplish.

Even before a conviction is handed down by the court, domestic violence charges have the potential to change a person’s life forever. For this reason, having help from a domestic violence attorney is a must. Get in touch with the Law Office of Michelle Penna to discover how a knowledgeable attorney can help a defendant find legal success and get the just outcome they truly deserve.

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