Tips For Applying For Loans For People With Bad Credit In Florida

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Today, a credit score is used in many different ways and in many different areas of life. Credit scores are required by all traditional financial institutes in Florida to get a loan, a mortgage or even to apply for a credit card.

Credit scores are based on several different factors. There are three credit bureaus, with each one providing a score. The credit scores are based on current debt to income levels, payment history, number of hard credit inquiries as well as any late or partial payments, bankruptcies or other types of collections or liens.

Bad credit is typically considered a score of 580 or lower, with the best credit scores ranging from 800-850. Finding loans for people with bad credit can be a challenge, as traditional lenders see these individuals as a very high risk for defaulting on repayment of the loan.

No Credit Check Loans

The best options for loans for people with bad credit is to use a lender who does not require a credit check. These lenders will provide a set amount of money, typically up to $500, at a flat fee rather than with an interest rate.

This can be provided as these loans are short-term loans. They are sometimes called payday or cash advance loans, and they use current employment as the check rather than the credit score of the individual.

Required Proof and Information

When applying for payday loans for people with bad credit, it will be essential to have proof of current employment. The lenders will need to know that the applicant is currently employed and will have an income that allows repayment of the amount he or she wants to borrow.

In addition, when applying for these loans in Florida, applicants will need to show their social security card, have a valid checking account and also provide valid and current government identification.

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