Tips for Buying in Mobile Home Communities in Naples, FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


People move into Mobile Home Communities in Naples FL for a variety of reasons. While young families choose mobile homes when starting out, senior citizens often retire to a mobile home after the children are grown and gone. Mobile homes offer all the creature comforts of a conventional home at a fraction of the price. Those considering such a purchase can consider these tips for a successful move into a mobile home community.

Shop Around

Some first-time buyers think mobile homes are cheap and flimsy, but this simply isn’t true. Just as conventional homes are available in various shapes, sizes, and trim levels, there are many mobile home styles available. Before a family makes a purchase, they should do some research to determine what’s best for everyone. Each type has its pros and cons, and a local dealer can usually provide valuable advice.

Decide Where to Live

When considering the purchase of a mobile home, the buyer must consider where to put it. There are three main options: buying a lot, renting a lot, or becoming part of one of the Mobile Home Communities in Naples FL. Those buying a lot must consider the startup costs of setting up a well, septic system, and electrical service. Renters may have some of these costs covered in the monthly bill, but it’s still important to factor potential rent increases into the monthly budget.

Get Insurance Coverage

Mobile home owners should ensure the structure is protected outside the manufacturer’s warranty by purchasing mobile home insurance. This coverage protects the owner from losses related to fire, water, and wind damage, personal injury, and theft. While mobile home coverage is similar to homeowner’s insurance, it’s typically more expensive because of the higher risk involved.

Add Some Personal Touches

Some first-time mobile home owners believe these homes are one-size-fits-all, and there’s no way to make it really feel like a home. However, there are many ways to personalize a mobile home, such as planting a garden, painting the walls, or adding new decor items. After all, it may be the family’s home for months, years, or life, so shouldn’t it feel that way?

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