Tips For Buying Lamp Socket Replacement Parts

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Nov, 2019


For most electrical contractors, and for companies offering maintenance and repair services for commercial, retail, industrial and office buildings, having a good selection of parts and components on hand is always a benefit.

As most commercial and industrial buildings, as well as newer residential homes, now feature fluorescent and LED lighting, having the right lamp socket replacement parts on hand is essential. Ensuring your inventory includes replacement parts for the types of fixtures used in the buildings you work on helping to decrease turnaround time on repairs and keep your customers happy.

To get the best deals on lamp socket replacement parts and to choose the best suppliers to shop with, consider the following issues and factors in making the supplier selection.

Selection of Common and Hard-to-Find Parts

The best suppliers focus on providing fluorescent and LED light fixture parts as their primary business. This is very different from a general electrical component supplier that may only stock the most common types of lamp socket replacement parts.

By working with a specialized supplier, even more difficult to find parts can be ordered and delivered. This includes both standard types of sockets, HO sockets, turret sockets, SlimLine sockets, and Circline sockets. These companies may also offer conversion sockets, starter base combination sockets, and LED harness sets and sockets.

One Place for All Required Parts

While having one supplier for all your LED and fluorescent socket parts is a convenience, it is also a cost-saving feature to consider. One order means only one account to manage, one supplier to deal with, and one delivery order to receive and enter into your inventory.

This streamlines the entire ordering process, while also providing the business with lower overall costs and greater efficiency. Working with a top supplier also allows companies to buy in volume, getting even lower costs per unit on all socket replacement parts.

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