Tips for Choosing the Right Blinds in Stamford

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


The time has come to do something with the old window treatments. That includes making some changes to the Blinds in Stamford that currently grace those windows. Before assuming that the new blinds have to be more or less like the old ones, why not take the time to explore some options? Here are some points to ponder before selecting those replacements.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Many people assume that standard sized windows must have horizontal blinds while plate glass calls for the use of vertical Blinds in Stamford. While there is no reason to not think in these terms, do not limit the choices based on this type of arbitrary rule. The fact is that standard windows can look quite striking if shorter verticals are used in the place of the common horizontal type. Along with adding some visual interest to the overall treatment, the fact that the blinds can be retracted to one or both sides of the window can make for a nicer view during the day. At the same time, those blinds will still offer plenty of privacy at night.

Thinner or Thicker Slats?

If the homeowner decides that Horizontal Blinds in Stamford are the way to go, consider the size of the slats. Some people like the look of mini blinds and will go with thin slats. Others may want to try out the thicker wooden slats that were so popular for many decades. This is especially true if the room decor happens to hearken back to one of those past eras. With either choice, make sure the slats will be easy to keep clean.

How About Some Color?

While white and off whites are the favored choices for many types of blinds, take a good look at what the room really needs. Would picking up a minor color used elsewhere in the room make the window treatment more attractive. Never be afraid to experiment with color and see how it changes the look of the window. If the outcome is not what the homeowner expected, it will be easy enough to go with a more traditional approach.

For help with choosing the right blinds, contact the team at Dominics Decorating today. After considering the other elements in the room, it will be easy to come up with the best solution.

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