Tips for Deciding if Veneers in Salem OR are Right for You

Posted By : Scott Howe , on Jul, 2014


While porcelain veneers have quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, they are not for everyone. If you have minor damage, chips, cracks, discoloration or gaps between your teeth, veneers in Salem OR can help. Veneers are individually crafted for each patient and can help to perfect your smile like never before. In the past, veneer placement was an invasive procedure that did permanent damage to your teeth. Today’s procedures are much less invasive and can be carried out without any removal of tooth tissue, making them safer than ever before.

The procedure for placing veneers in Salem OR involves the dentist first scanning and photographing your teeth, so the perfect shape and color can be made for your veneers. This ensures your new veneers will match in perfectly with your surrounding teeth, for a beautiful smile.

Each veneer is placed precisely over your teeth, using a special dental adhesive that allows the veneer to become a permanent part of your smile. Once the veneers are in place, you will need to take special precautions to ensure your veneers stay looking their best. The dentist will inform you of the foods and activities you should avoid, so no damage will be done to your veneers.

The price of getting veneers in Salem ORv can be expensive. The cost is several hundred dollars per tooth. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans do not cover this type of procedure, because it is considered to be cosmetic in nature. Some dental insurance plans will cover a small portion of the cost, depending on the reason a veneer is being put in place.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, veneers can completely cover them and give you a new smile. Through veneers, you can have the smile you have always wanted, without feeling like others can tell you have had work done.

To learn more about dental veneers, visit They can provide you with a wide variety of dental treatments, to keep your smile healthy, beautiful and strong. Contact them today for your appointment, so you can get started on creating your beautiful smile.






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