Tips for Finding Premium Kitchen Equipment in NJ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Whether you have been in the food business for a very long time or are just starting to make plans for starting an enterprise revolving around food, you need one thing: good kitchen equipment. As one expert in this area has said, “A food service operator relies on kitchen equipment to cook everything on the menu, and if one piece fails the whole kitchen could shut down.” Just think of it for a moment, and you’ll see the veracity in the statement. Your refrigerator fails, and you lose inventory and have no way of maintaining supplies. Your glass display malfunctions and suddenly customers cannot see foods to buy. There is no bit of equipment that allows you to cut corners.

Cost is a Factor
Of course, when starting out or even just upgrading or updating a bit of equipment, one of the most impactful issues is the cost of the machinery. As that same expert said, all commercial equipment represents an investment, and “the biggest choice is usually whether to purchase a brand-new item from a dealer or to buy a used item.” Yet, the issue of used or new is not as complicated as that. Why not? Because there are always reliable kitchen equipment suppliers who can offer new or used machines and gear that meet the highest quality standards, even if discounted for being previously owned and used. Even so, you cannot ignore that used does translate to some risk, but if you work with a good provider, you can find quality gear.

Commercial is Most Important
What matters more than the issues of costs and used or new, though is the grade of the gear. Commercial grade equipment is a must as it is the only way to be sure a unit withstands the wear and tear of commercial use, but also to be sure it meets all health codes and regulations.

How to Know When to Buy Used or New
Most people operating any sort of food business would advise you to buy new whenever possible and to be aware of the items that are the most likely to give trouble if purchased used. For example, fryers (commercial grade units) face lots of corrosion and leaks, as well as experiencing component failures. Ice machines are also commonly recommended to be purchased new because they have a lot of parts that sustain wear and tear, too.

If you are in the market for new or used kitchen equipment in NJ, and you want only the best quality, the Automatic Ice Maker Company has decades of expertise and a huge inventory of premium machines (new and used) from which to choose.

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