Tips for Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


Bees of any type, including ground bees, can be useful because they help to pollinate plants so they can grow fruits and other foods. The bee population has been declining, causing experts to worry about the future food supply. For this reason, it isn’t a good idea to kill these bees unless there’s no other choice. However, when it’s necessary, there are a number of experts in Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh that can help with this. There are also some steps that homeowners can take to limit the number of these bees on their property.

Make the Ground Wetter

Dry ground is necessary for ground bees to be able to make their burrows where they live. By keeping the ground saturated with water, it will help make is less likely bees will attempt to live there and those that are already there will be more likely to move for the next mating season. Mating season tends to occur in the spring for most species of ground bees.

Plant Thicker Grasses

Bare patches of ground are more attractive to ground bees, as it is easier to dig burrows in this type of ground. This means that planting thicker grasses and making sure that there aren’t large bare spots in the yard is a good way to improve Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh. The yard will also look nicer, so it’s a win-win situation.

Use Insecticide as a Last Resort

If the bees must be removed due to allergy concerns or other serious issues, check with a ground bee control specialist to see about how to use as a little insecticide as possible and which type to use. This dust is best sprinkled only in the openings of burrows that already exist, and only in as small of an area as possible to limit spreading the poison and causing damage to other bees that are beneficial. The burrows have conical piles of dirt with a large hole in the middle to allow the bees entrance, and multiple bees typically make their burrows or nests near each other.

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