Tips for Hiring Freight Forwarders in Hawaii

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Are you running a manufacturing business and need to find a reliable freight forwarding company? Freight forwarders in Hawaii usually help manufacturers in arranging shipping to get their goods from the manufacturing plant directly to the markets. Most freight forwarding companies do not handle the shipping on their own. Instead, they contract a third-party carrier or even numerous carriers to move goods. Depending on how quickly you would want the goods to be shipped, the company would use a variety of shipping methods ranging from airplanes, trucks, ships, and even railroads. If you are interested in hiring freight forwarders, here are some basic tips for you to follow.

Discuss Your Requirements

When you get in touch with any major shipping provider such as Landmark Logistics Corporation, you should first discuss the nature of your shipping needs. Some businesses have to ship perishable goods, which means that the product needs to be moved quickly. Before you sign on with any freight forwarding company, you should always discuss your requirements with them. They will be able to give you a clearer idea about the time that it would take to ship the goods as well as any special safety measures that should be taken depending upon the fragility of the product.

Fees and Handover Agreements

In many cases, freight forwarders will also have to pay a specific fee for moving goods overseas. Most forwarders take the fee into account when providing a quote to their clients. Many forwarders also work with private customs brokers to arrange the transportation of the goods overseas. Make sure that you get a complete quote from your freight forwarding company before signing the agreement for the delivery of goods. Visit the website for more information.

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