Tips For Hiring Movers Near Akron, Ohio

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jun, 2019


If you live in or near Akron, Ohio, there are a lot of different options in moving companies. Taking the time to compare prices, services, features, and even past customer ratings for the movers you are considering helps to ensure the move is simple, easy and as low-key as possible.

The Central Considerations

To help get started in choosing movers in the area, here are the critical aspects of choosing the best service:

  • Services – not all moving companies near Akron, Ohio, offer the same services with their moving packages. It is a common mistake for customers to make the assumption that all movers are the same, only to find out that by going with the cheapest service they have limited if any moving support or resources.
  • Professionalism – the top moving companies have a focus on customer service. This translates into top professionalism in responding to customers, answering questions, and going above and beyond to provide customers with moving resources. Relocation companies that do not return calls or that do not have answers to basic questions should be considered as inexperienced or unprofessional, giving a clear indication of the poor service to expect during the move.
  • Types of move – smaller moving services tend to focus on local moves, which are usually determined by total mileage. Larger moving companies, particularly those with a national presence, can manage moves all across the United States and even internationally.
  • Residential or commercial – residential or home moves and commercial or business moves are very different in their requirements and planning. Look for a moving service that specializes or offers trained crews and customized services for your moving type.

Cost is a factor in choosing movers, but it needs to be considered with the other issues listed above. Unfortunately, cheap moving services are typically very basic, and may not provide the services, professionalism, or moving features you expect.

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