Tips for How to Sell Your Dental Practice in Arizona

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2018


Running a successful dental practice can be incredibly rewarding. Eventually, though, there will come a time to move on to other things or to retire and enjoy the fruits of all that labor.

At that point already and wondering how to sell your dental practice in Arizona? Read on to find a few tips for coming up with an exit strategy.
Hire an Expert

Working with a dental practice broker is by far the most effective way for readers to maximize the return on their investments. While there are other more generalized business brokers, it’s usually more effective to turn to specialists.

Identify an Accurate Value

Most buyers are looking for well-established practices that have favorable leasing arrangements, modern equipment, and good ratings. Try to identify these competitive aspects and focus on them when marketing to prospective buyers. It’s usually best to avoid marketing practices by their growth potential since the majority of buyers prefer to purchase dental practices that already have well-established client bases and steady cash flows.

Establish a Realistic Timeline

Want to sell your dental practice in Arizona? Be sure to begin planning well in advance and determine a specific date of sale and timeline for making the sale, including when to contact a broker. It’s reasonable to expect some delays as well since everything from the practice’s location to its practice revenue trends can dramatically impact the pace of the sale.

Offer an Endorsement

It’s important to prepare patients in advance for the transition to a new dentist. Offering an endorsement of the buyer’s services can go a long way toward encouraging patients to stick with the practice. After all, readers have devoted a good deal of time and energy to establishing successful dental practices, so most want to see them continue to succeed even after they are sold.

Learn More Today

Still trying to decide if it’s time to sell, move to a new city, or otherwise move on in life? No matter what motivation dentists have for selling their practices, Western Practice Sales can help them get the most money for all of their labor.

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