Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful This Summer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


When the warmer air begins blowing in and yards suddenly spring to life, it can be a little difficult attempting to keep a yard looking its best. Everyone wants to have a beautiful green yard that looks inviting, but many homeowners simply do not have the time it takes to invest in yard work. This is why many rely on the professionals for their Lawn Care in Durham CT. With these tips, having a beautiful yard will be much easier.

There are two main culprits for brown, lifeless lawns and they are a lack of water and too much heat. When temperatures soar, and no rain is to be found, grass will quickly start to suffer. Watering the lawn is crucial but the right time to carry out this task is even more important. Ideally, lawns should be watered in the morning, when the sun is low in the sky and is less likely to cause quick evaporation.

The experts agree many homeowners simply water their lawns way too often, which discourages deep root growth. The goal of growing grass is to encourage it to develop deep roots, so it will go search deep into the ground for water sources. To make this happen, a homeowner needs to thoroughly soak their lawn two to three times a week instead of lightly watering every day.

Aeration is also an important factor for keeping a lawn green and healthy all summer long. Many homeowners find it beneficial to hire a professional lawn maintenance company to come out and perform this type of chore because the right equipment makes the job go by much faster, without causing stress to the lawn. Aerated lawns are better equipped to absorb moisture and fertilizer.

If you are tired of your lawn looking brown and dead every summer, now is the time to call in the professionals so they can get it in tip-top shape for summer. Contact Madison Earthcare today. They have been providing landscaping services since 1972. Homeowners in Guilford and Madison are urged to call them now so they can learn more about the many lawn services they offer.

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