Tips for Patio Landscaping in Yorba Linda, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2019


A well-constructed patio can create functional outdoor space. Initial patio construction is just the first step toward maximizing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a backyard, though. Read on to find some tips for patio landscaping in Yorba Linda CA that can help homeowners make the most of their outdoor spaces.

Add Container Gardens

The easiest way to add plants to a backyard patio is to incorporate container gardens. Homeowners can grow almost anything in containers, provided they are large enough. Try to stick to foliage plants instead of flowers, though, as this will help to prevent bee stings.

Choose the Right Trees

Planting shade trees near a patio can offer an extra level of comfort during the hottest months of summer, but it’s important to choose trees that grow only to an intermediate height at full maturity. Avoid trees that have aggressive root systems or require constant maintenance. Locusts are good options, as are Japanese maples.

Create Some Privacy

Homeowners can create privacy for their patios by incorporating hardscaping features like fences or planting trees and hedges. Arborvitae bushes make great informal hedges since they provide protection from nosy neighbors without requiring much ongoing maintenance. Boxwood, holly, and barberry all make great formal hedges, but they require trimming and manicuring.

Soften Hard Lines

Effective patio landscaping in Yorba Linda CA can soften hard lines and edges. Try planting perennials along the edge of the patio or incorporate a mix of perennials and small shrubs. Avid gardeners can choose flowers with color schemes that complement their patio pavers or other aspects of the yard’s existing landscape.

Consider Decorative Water Features

Decorative water features aren’t just for massive backyards. Ceramic, granite, and clay pot fountains can all be incorporated into patio landscaping even when homeowners don’t have much space to spare. These smaller decorative water features provide a relaxing atmosphere without the constant maintenance required by larger backyard ponds.

Get Started Today

The first step to creating a beautifully landscaped patio is to hire a contractor who specializes in hardscaping to place pavers and install other features. Contact us to request a free estimate or check out the website to learn about available services today to get started.

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