Tips For Purchasing a Diamond Solitaire in Fitchburg MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


While diamond solitaires are traditionally purchased for engagement rings, they also may be chosen for other types of jewelry. It is paramount a person is careful in their decision because purchasing a diamond is a big investment. Because the diamond is the only stone, it must be a spectacular one to ensure the piece of jewelry is beautiful and is able to stand alone on its own shine. These helpful tips will allow a person to know what to look for when purchasing a Diamond Solitaire Fitchburg MA.

There are four things a person needs to consider when purchasing a diamond solitaire:

* Cut – This is considered the most important of the four Cs when choosing a Diamond Solitaire Fitchburg MA. The way a diamond is cut can dramatically affect the way the light hits it and causes it to shine. It is a good idea to compare a diamond under special lighting and with a gemological microscope before making a purchase.

* Color – This is the measure of how white a diamond is. When choosing a diamond solitaire, one will likely want to choose as white a color as possible. Aside from major color issues, one will not be able to tell with the naked eye color differences so they should choose according to their preference and budget, always examining the color with a special microscope.

* Clarity – The clarity of a diamond solitaire indicates the level of flaws it has. Clarity has the least impact on a person’s decision to purchase a diamond since many flaws are undetectable without a microscope. One does need to be aware of the clarity grading so they can know they are paying the right price for what they are purchasing.

* Karat – The karat of a diamond is not its size but rather its weight. Although many people focus on the karat number, one should focus more on the impact the diamond will make once it is in its setting.

The four Cs can help a person choose the right Diamond Solitaire Fitchburg MA. If you would like expert help with your purchase, contact or visit Elliott’s Jewelers. They can help make your purchase less stressful and much more enjoyable.

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